Hoisin Beef and Broccolini Penne #TresOmega #OrganicsforLife #Glutenfree

Hoisin Beef and Broccolini Penne #TresOmega #OrganicsforLife #Glutenfree When I first realized that I needed to eliminate gluten from my diet, I had huge concerns about having to give up ...

Caprese Pasta Genoa Cups #TresOmega #OrganicsforLife #Glutenfree

Caprese Pasta Genoa Cups #TresOmega #OrganicsforLife #Glutenfree The freshness of a Caprese platter…tomato and mozzarella slices with fresh basil leaves but in a bite size salami cup. The balsamic wine ...

Coney Island Spaghetti Pie #Tresomega #OrganicsForLife

Coney Island Spaghetti Pie #Tresomega #OrganicsForLife #Organic #GlutenFree Coney Island dogs are one of a kind. The meat sauce that covers the “all beef hot dog” laid in a soft ...


Sloppy BBQ Bison with Kick’n Slaw #SweetandEasy #Steviva

Sloppy BBQ Bison with Kick’n Slaw I bet all of us have ...

“Not Your Mama’s Apple Cake” #SweetandEasy #Steviva

“Not Your Mama’s Apple Cake” #SweetandEasy #Steviva #MonkSweet+ #GlutenFree #DairyFree #MadeWithZucchini My ...

Sippable Peach Pie #SweetandEasy #Steviva #Glutenfree #Dairyfree

Sippable Peach Pie with Almond Pastry Leaves Oh what a relief it ...

From Freezer to Slow Cooker

Making freezer meals is nothing new. Filling the slow cooker up in ...

Game Day Domination Bean Dish #SaucyMama

It’s Tailgating time at the Oregon State Fair on opening day August ...

Mediterranean Turkey Burger with Rosemary Fried Onions #MarkWest

Mediterranean Turkey Burger with Rosemary Fried Onions Well the winner have been ...

Louisiana Oyster Loaf #TheOysterBed

Look who caught the oyster fever…my husband. A few weeks back when ...

Gulf Coast Creamcake Puffs #TheOysterBed

Who says that an oyster tray only has to have oysters served ...

Oyster Bed Sliders #TheOysterBed

This November I will be heading back to Orange Beach Alabama to ...

Cowboy Bean Dish #SaucyMama

Cowboy Bean Dish #SaucyMama If you ask me what one dish my ...

Oktoberfest Pops with Beer Cheese Mustard Dip #MakeItWithMilk #FWCon

Oktoberfest Pops with Beer Cheese Mustard Dip #MakeItWithMilk @FWCon #SundaySupper UPDATE: my ...

Orange Habanero Coconut Shrimp Po Boy Lettuce Cups with Spicy Orange Slaw

Saucy Mama 2016 Recipe Contest Orange Habanero Coconut Shrimp Po Boy Lettuce ...

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BBQ “Q” for Quick Sides on the Grill

Oh my, September is already here but no worries we still have more time to grill up our favorite BBQ foods. Now if you are as fortunate as I am, you can BBQ almost all year round. Our grills are tucked under a side of the house that is very protected so rain or shine […]

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Food Wine Conference=New Momentum #FWCon #SundaySupperMovement

Food Wine Conference=New Momentum #FWCon #SundaySupperMovement Just got home from my second time attending the Food Wine Conference and I am already looking forward to returning next year. The 2017 Food Wine Conference brought together bloggers, small business owners, winemakers, chefs, public relations professionals, traditional media, new media, authors and brands. We gathered to learn […]

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Tikka Masala Breakfast Burrito #TikkaMasala #NationalEggMonth

Tikka Masala Breakfast Burrito #TikkaMasala #NationalEggMonth Breakfast burritos come in many different flavors. Most all of them will contain eggs and possible a meat and starch. This Tikka Masala Breakfast Burrito does not contain any meat but it is jam packed with proteins. I created this burrito one morning when I was rummaging through the […]

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Star Spangled Raspberry Tequila Soda #FWCon #BerryDelish

What is Red White and Blue and refreshing for you?? The answer is…My Star Spangled Raspberry Tequila Soda. #FWCon #BerryDelish If you will be entertaining this summer, be sure to keep this recipe on your list for a cool, bubbly adult beverage. Just leave out the tequila for a great mocktail and the kids will […]

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Time for your blog to bloom where it’s planted #FWCon

Is it time to feed your blog for some new growth? Let me recommend the 2017 Food Wine Conference presented by Sunday Supper in Orlando Florida May 19th-21st. I am sure you have heard the old saying “Bloom where you are planted”.  I often wondered what that meant. They say that one should go for […]

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Italian Portobello Melt #HealthySolutions #Spiceblends

Italian Portobello Melt #HealthySolutions #Spiceblends This is my third year to compete in the Healthy Solutions 2017 Recipe Challenge. The contest is a bit different this year but their great healthy spice blends are still the same. I decided to change up my entry style this year and do simple…healthy…comfort food. How about a ooey […]

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Tuna Miracle Noodle and Broccoli Casserole #dairyfree #glutenfree

Tuna Miracle Noodle and Broccoli Casserole #dairyfree #glutenfree  Another awesome recipe challenge was posted by Miracle Noodle.  The recipe entry could be anything from a appetizer to a dessert using a Miracle Noodle product. This calorie free, gluten free and soy free product is amazing. Not only does it taste like a noodle but the […]

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Arancini Cornbread Italian Casserole

Arancini Cornbread Italian Casserole #NationalCornbreadFestival An original recipe, featuring  Martha White’s cornbread mix was the challenge for the 2017 National Cornbread Festival. It also had to be prepared in a Lodge cast iron pan. I could not stop thinking about an Italian flavored casserole with a pesto cheese filling and crispy cornbread style topping. I […]

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Indian Carrot Pudding Gelato #DiLorenzoGelato

Indian Carrot Pudding Gelato is a fun combination of India and Italy. While we were on our Southern Caribbean cruise this last year, we met a wonderful Indian family who introduced us to Indian Carrot Pudding. The elderly mother had flown from Indian to come on the cruise while the daughter and son-in-law came from […]

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Creamy Reuben Soup #SoupforYourSupper

Creamy Reuben Soup!! What a special honor and privilege it is to be asked to return to compete for my second year in “Soup for Your Supper” for Grace House’s Fourth Annual Benefit Fundraiser. Last year and this year, I pondered over what soup I should make. There are 8 local chefs plus me (a […]

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Squash Harvest Pizza

When entering a pizza recipe contest for a $10,000.00 prize one has a tendency to think, “Does a pizza have to have tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese”? I don’t think so. The use of two fresh squash and Gorgonzola cheese make for a delicious change. Here is my entry for the Sebastiani “Pizza My Way” […]

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2016 World Food Championships Blogger Summit Recap #OrangeBeachAlabama

2016 World Food Championships Blogger Summit Nov. 7-9th Recap #Travel #Foodsport #OrangeBeachAlabama I had no idea what I was about to attend last November in Orange Beach Alabama. I was 1 of 50 extremely blessed bloggers to be chosen to attend three “jam-packed” days of food sport sensations, presentations of upcoming trends in food products, […]

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Cranberry Brown Sugar Butter Spread #CapeCodSelect

Cranberry Brown Sugar Butter Spread #CapeCodSelect While doing recipe testing for Cape Cod Select Holiday Blogger Recipe Challenge, I was planning to create a cranberry based beverage and a Hot Buttered Rum drink was the idea. Cape Cod Select sells the most plump fresh frozen cranberries. I simply cooked the frozen berries with a bit […]

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Vanilla Almond Sesame Cookie Truffles #SimplySesame

Vanilla Almond Sesame Cookie Truffles #SimplySesame I am all in for this sesame ingredient bloggers recipe challenge. Thanks to Bonelli Fine Food, Inc., in San Diego, California who produces healthy snack food spreads for this fine “Simply Sesame Blogger Recipe Contest”. The company states that this spread is perfect for use as a peanut butter […]

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