My Bucket List of Foods to Conquer

My First 50 Bucket List of Foods to Conquer
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I have often thought about what foods I have yet to make or eat. I have many recipes saved for lots of them. Just check out my Pinterest Page and you might agree!

What better challenge than a Bucket List to get through my foodie obsession. My list consists of foods to make, things to do that involve food, places to visit to try foods and anything else I come up with that has to do with food. 🙂 I will post about each after I complete it and link you to the page to view the results. I hope you will enjoy the journey along with me and maybe you will be inspired to make your own Bucket List.

      1. Make escargot
      2. Eat expensive caviar
      3. Eat a hotdog at a baseball game. Complete! Click here to read about it.
      4. Eat at a Diners Drive-Ins and Dives place
      5. Clean a fish and cook it
      6. Collect and cook fresh eggs- Working on this, I am still spoiled and have them delivered to me.
      7. Roast a rack of lamb
      8. Cook a Moroccan dish in a Tagine
      9. Cook Lobster Seafood Cioppino
      10. Have a family dinner with Seafood Paella
      11. Serve Tapas to friends
      12. Grow and eat my own asparagus- I can’t believe I thought I my bucket food item was kohlrabi when I planted my garden this year, oh my!!
      13. Make lava cakes, yes that is right, I have yet to make one
      14. Make Hollandaise from scratch
      15. Make homemade mayonnaise
      16. Make fresh gnocchi
      17. Clean and cook fresh calamari
      18. Shuck and eat fresh oysters, hmmm maybe
      19. Bake French Macarons
      20. Eat fresh honeycomb
      21. Pick wild berries and bake with them
      22. Go on an all day wine tour with a chauffeur
      23. Cook braised short ribs
      24. Bake and decorate Petite Fours
      25. Make Grandma’s Cheese Buttons
      26. Make a Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, even the crust
      27. Brew homemade beer
      28. Bake a Better than Sex Cake
      29. Serve a Baked Alaska
      30. Make homemade vinegars
      31. Cook Coq au Vin
      32. Eat lunch on a raft
      33. Drink Sangria’s on a picnic
      34. Make Moussaka
      35. Grow eggplant and make Baba Ghanoush
      36. Cook Beef Wellington fit for Gordon Ramsey
      37. Make homemade calzones
      38. Serve the family a Turducken
      39. Brew my own Kombucha, COMING SOON, It is brewing and I am taking pictures to post soon!!
      40. Can my own tuna, not sure if I will be the one to catch it
      41. Go wild mushroom picking
      42. Make snow ice cream, I missed my opportunity when it snowed 12 inches in February, 🙁 usually it just rains!
      43. Make a dessert on the BBQ
      44. Host a retro dinner party
      45. Order a meal on an airplane, this will be hard, I am cheap
      46. Bring back spices from another country and use them
      47. Teach someone else to prepare a meal
      48. Make collard greens southern style
      49. Make a real jambalaya
      50. Make Duck Confit, oh boy more duck

Well here is my first 50. That was way to easy. I know there will be more so, to be continued……………..


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  1. May 12, 2014 at 4:36 am #

    I wanna be there for that Baked Alaska!!! 🙂

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